Iso 14000 - wikipedia

Iso 14000 is a family of standards related to environmental management that exists to help organizations (a) minimize how their operations (processes, etc.

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Aenor: norma une-en iso 14064-1:2012

Une-en iso 14064-1:2012 gases de efecto invernadero. parte 1: especificación con orientación, a nivel de las organizaciones, para la cuantificación y el informe de.

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Iso certification - iso in dubai, iso certification in

Bas is a versatile iso certification body. bas is rated as a reliable iso certification by the global iso register uk. iso certification, iso dubai, iso certification.

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Iso certification, assessment, verification & training

Lloyd’s register is a leading provider of professional assurance services and management certification including iso 9001:2015, iso 13485 2016, iso 14001, more.

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Iso standard revisions 2015 | lloyd's register mea

Lrqa iso 9001:2015 and iso 14001:2015 transition services help keep your organisation one step ahead..

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Xmlspy enterprise xml editor - altova online shop

Xmlspy is the original integrated development environment (ide) for xml that includes all major aspects in one powerful and easy-to-use product: a validating xml.

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Iaf publications - international accreditation forum

Iaf publications. the publications section provides information on iaf publications and auditing practices groups. the publications include: policy documents (pl.

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ISO 14064: an emerging standard on Greenhouse Gas accounting and verification

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Identifying the need for an international standard on GHG accounting and



Governments, corporations and voluntary initiatives currently use a number of approaches to account for organization- and project-level greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals. In mid-2002, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) identified a need to standardize aspects of GHG accounting and verification to support the credibility, comparability and environmental integrity of existing and emerging regulatory (international, regional, national) and voluntary GHG schemes. Currently, the most widely used approach to preparing corporate GHG inventories is the Greenhouse Gas Protocol: a Corporate Accounting & Reporting Standard (GHG Protocol) developed under the auspices of the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).


Several voluntary GHG registries have built scheme rules based on the GHG Protocol (eg, California Climate Action Registry, US EPA Climate Leaders, WWF Climate Savers). Existing (eg, UK Emissions Trading Scheme) and emerging (eg, EC Emissions Trading system) allowance-based regulatory systems have developed or are developing scheme rules for entity-level GHG accounting often consistent with the GHG Protocol. Recently, the WRI/WBCSD released a draft of its GHG Protocol Project Module and initiated the module’s “road test” across a range of GHG projects. Internationally recognized best practice guidelines on GHG verification currently do not exist.


ISO’s goal in developing standards for GHG accounting and verification is to provide a set of unambiguous, verifiable requirements or specifications to support organizations and GHG project proponents in using a quantification, monitoring and verification approach that ensures “a ton of carbon is always a ton of carbon”. ISO standards may also enable GHG scheme administrators to design systems using standardized “building blocks”, supporting the compatibility of rules and comparability and credibility of GHG quantifications, read more and download this file Here

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