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ISO/IWA 2:2007 Project Plan

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1 Project Management

1.1 Project definition

This Project is carried out on the three-year monitoring of the ISO/IWA 2:2007 Guide in accordance with the ISO Directives, fourth edition. The impact of the IWA 2 Guide on the international education sector is evaluated, with the contribution of the international experts who participated in the workshops held in Acapulco and Busan, with the goal of having a workshop deliverable (document derived from the ISO/IWA 2:2007 Guide) assigned to an existing or a new ISO Technical Committee, so that the ISO/IWA 2 Guide becomes a new ISO deliverable (a publicly available specification, a technical specification or an International Standard, ISO Supplement, Annex SR.9 Review of IWA, 2004). The results of this project will provide the ISO/TMB with elements for making the corresponding decision.


Mexico has been the promoter of this initiative since the IWA 2 first edition ISO/IWA 2:2003 “Guidelines for the Application of ISO 9001:2000 in Education”. The ISO/TMB assigned Mexico the responsibility of organizing the international workshop, held in Acapulco, Mexico, in October 2002. A second edition of the IWA 2 Guide was approved at a second workshop held in Busan, Republic of Korea in November 2006, and was published by the ISO/TMB on May 8th, 2007. We are inviting the ISO member countries that have participated in this project to continue doing so during this second three-year monitoring stage, being the end objective of the IWA 2 Project that the ISO/IWA 2:2007 Guide becomes an ISO deliverable.

1.2 Project Objective and Scope

General Objective

To establish and maintain an on-going communication process with all the interested parties in the world who wish to implement the ISO/IWA 2:2007 Guide, during the three-year monitoring period following its publication. The main purpose is to evaluate the impact resulting from its use, in order to create a workshop deliverable that is accepted by an ISO Technical Committee that eventually becomes a new ISO deliverable in education.

Specific objectives

  1. Evaluate the impact of ISO/IWA 2:2007 in a global context.
  2. Promote the translation of the ISO/IWA 2:2007 Guide to other languages in order to motivate its use.
  3. Strengthen the promotion of the guide by familiarizing a broader audience with it and encouraging its use through workshops, conferences and meetings.
  4. Promote the participation of more people from different countries and assign specific tasks to working groups, so that they can carry out promotion and follow-up on the use of the guide in their respective countries.
  5. Conduct an on-going survey on the use of the guide with the support from task group members, in order to carry out a continuing assessment on the impact of its use and to conduct the necessary actions aimed at achieving the end objective that the ISO/IWA 2:2007 Guide becomes a new ISO deliverable in education.

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